Comica Economica

Is a student amateur theatre company dedicated to political satire. Its members are students from several universities based in Prague – Charles University, University of Economics, Czech Technical University in Prague and The College of International and Public Relations.

The theatre has already performed four plays as a guest of the well-known theatres Semafor and Drama Club in Prague and is preparing next performances. These are: Global Fair (parody on Vaclav Havel’s Garden Fair), Politology Exam, Facenet and President Hillary, Intern Monik and Prosecutor Ringo Starr (parody on the president Clinton’s scandal).

Comica Economica is the theatre created and managed by students. Students are also casting and directing its plays. Such a project develops creativity of young people and leads to their personal growth through advancing their communication and performance skills and provides an opportunity of a great alternative leisure activity.

Comica Economica is looking for partnerships with other student theatres.